Academic Council


The Academic Council is the highest social and professional body carrying out the
General management of the Ministry of foreign Affairs. The purpose of the
scientific Council is to determine the current and future directions of the Academy,
the joint efforts of the Academy management. scientific and pedagogical workers,
training and support staff for the training of specialists meeting modern
requirements, coordination of training, educational and methodical research and
educational activities of the Academy.
Regulations on the Academic Council developed in accordance with the
government Mole May 29, 2012 №346 Annex Regulations on the academic
Council of higher education in the KYRGYZ Republic, the law on education
regulations on higher and postgraduate professional education and the Charter of
the Ministry OF foreign Affairs of the Kyrgyz REPUBLIC.
The composition of the Academic Council and the powers of the scientific Council
of the law and the duties of its members, the organization of work of the Council
and the order of meetings, determined by the Regulations on the academic Council
of the Diplomatic Academy of the MFA of KR.
A member of the Academic Council included in NWP, famous scientists , famous
figures of science profile of training , and the foreign Ministry is broken at the
Diplomatic Academy of the MFA of KR named by K.Dikambaev. The
composition of the academic Council is approved by the rector in coordination
with the Ministry of foreign Affairs AND the Ministry of education and science.
The Chairman of the academic Council appoints the academic Secretary from
among the members of the academic Council of the Diplomatic Academy
The term of office of the academic Council of Diplomatic academy of the MFA of
the KR – for three years.
The meeting of the academic Council of the diplomatic Academy is held at least
once a month.
Decisions of the Academic Council of the Diplomatic Academy shall be taken by a
simple majority and shall enter into force immediately after signing them by the
Chairman of the academic Council of the Diplomatic Academy.
the main tasks of the Academic Council are
– to solve the most important issues of the diplomatic Academy of its educational
and scientific activities, international relations:
-consideration of recommendations of the MINISTRY of foreign Affairs on the
content of educational programs
-defining the structure of the DA of the MFA, making changes

-decision-making on the opening of new areas of training in the main and
additional programs of vocational education
-approval of educational programs and curricula


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