State and foreing languages


Karazakova Aisuluu Koshovna

Head of the department of state and foreign languages, candidate of philology, Professor. Graduated from the            National University of USSR, faculty of the foreign languages, department  is  German  language and literature


Qualitative teaching staff:

11- lectures

3 of them are candidates of science.

1 acting professor

5 senior lecturers

2 lecturers

Native speakers”

Rizk Al Kasabi Amin (Arabic language)

Uen Li (chineese language)

Team and qualification of lecturers meets the requirements of the academic staff to achieve the learning process, so all the members of the department have Basic education and systematically improve their skills by getting additional education  and internships

Professor Karazakova A.K. is fellow of the German Academic Exchange Service Program. (DAAD, Frankfurt), Austrian Academic Exchange Service Programs (DAD, Vienna) and scholarship of Institute Goethe. Professor Dorombekova A.O. is fellow the exchange program “Language and culture” (Goat, Australia) and Mukasheva Rahat M. the internship  in France (Paris, Vichy)  Lecturer Sopueva G.K. pass the internship in China (Urumchi)


At the department are taught 2 basic languages there are German and English, also 5- foreign language as a second foreign language: Chinese, Arabic, Turkish, German and French


The following disciplines are assigned to the department:

– professional foreign language

– thematic foreign language in professional activities


In this year at the department of state and foreign languages is opened areas of study master degree in the direction of 531100 “Linguistic”. (Profile training translators for the international organizations) foreign language classes conducted by experienced lecturers using modern methods, various forms of education: round tables, workshops, business games, e.t.c.


Teaching staff of the Department:

  1. Karazakova Aisuluu Koshonovna candidate of philology, professor.
  2. Anarbaev Arslan Alievich Professor Ambassador extraordinary of K.R.
  3. Dorombekova Ainura Oskonbekovna Professor
  4. Mukasheva Rahat Mukambetovna, professor
  5. Kurmanova Gulbubu Kulmanbetovna , senior lecturer
  6. Risk ALKasabi Amin Fathi Muhammad, senior lecturer
  7. Akbaeva Albina Jorobekovana, senior lecturer
  8. Sopyeva Gulanda Kurmanbekovna lecturer
  9. Shailoobek kyzy Erkeaym, lecrurer


Part – timers:

  1.  Kadyrov Kamil Pazyljanovich, senior lecturer
  2. Tursunova Aizada Alymkanovna senior lecturer





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