Museum of the diplomatic service

«The Museum is a conglomerate of memory» Georgiy Aleksandrov 

You have visited the Museum website of DA of the MOFA of the KR! We hope that this information section will be very interesting and useful for every one. After all, as you know the Museum is not only an invaluable repository of memory and history, but also a place that inspires everyone to make a personal contribution to the development of history and promotes the active participation of students of employees and just people of science in the development of our Academy and also contributes to the strengthening of friendship.
muzei2 So in honor of the 60th anniversary of the MFA  KR in March 2004, the Grand opening of the Museum of the history of Kyrgyz diplomacy. Young but quite solid historical and diplomatic information and cultural center is constantly updated with new interesting exhibits. The idea of the Museum is to give an opportunity to understand the past and present of the people of Kyrgyzstan to acquaint visitors with diplomatic sources of documents and other valuable and interesting information related to the activities of the MFA KR.
 muzei3 Currently, the Museum is a unique collection of various exhibits of rare books from different countries and regions of the world performed in the traditional manner for the peoples of Central Asia reflects the age-old customs and traditions of their material and spiritual culture showcase exhibitions that reflect the true spirit of our Academy of its uniqueness and scale of activity. Exhibitions and events that are unique in their subject are often held.
muzei4 Among the exhibits of the Museum of DA of the MFA KR you can find unique costumes photo gallery of famous and honorary professors galaxy of scientists and people who have made an invaluable contribution to the development of our Academy.

Great attention is paid to the respectful and patriotic education of students. To make the current students complete their knowledge of the rich international diplomatic mission of our Academy and its contribution to the training of highly qualified specialists in the field of international relations for our Kyrgyzstan.

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