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                               The department of postgraduate
The department of postgraduate and doctoral studies is one of the forms of training highly qualified
scientific and pedagogical staff. It is opened in institutions of higher vocational education with state
accreditation and scientific institutions, which have a state license for the right to conduct educational
activities with qualified scientific and scientific-pedagogical staff.
To enter in post- graduate course can be persons with higher education, confirmed by a diploma of a
specialist or master degree.
The department of postgraduate and doctoral studies is opened on the basis of the Regulation of the
training of scientific and scientific-pedagogical staff in the Kyrgyz Republic by Order No. 658/1 June 3
2004 by the Ministry of Education of the Kyrgyz Republic
Postgraduate students are trained in the following areas:
07.00.15 – History of International Relations and Foreign Policy;
08.00.00 – Political Economy;
08.00.14. – World economy and International Economic Relations;
12.00.10 – International law;
23.00.01 – Theory and History of Political Sciences;
23.00.02 – Political institutions and processes;
23.00.03 – Political culture and ideology;
23.00.04 – Political problems of international systems, global and regional development
* Education in post- graduate course allows you to realize the ability to research activities and to obtain
the highest qualification corresponding to the degree of candidate of sciences.

Form of study in post – graduate course
Form of study: part – time
Duration: 3.5 years
Entry exams:
on the chosen specialty;
foreign language;
Kyrgyz language;
Candidate Exams
Candidate exams are an integral part of the attestation of applicants in the preparation of their thesis.
The purpose of the exams is to establish the depth of the applicant's professional knowledge, the
degree of preparedness for independent research work.
Candidate exams are required for admission of applicants to thesis defense.

An applicant for a PhD degree must pass candidate exams in the following disciplines:
– History and philosophy of science;
– foreign language;
– official language;
– on the chosen specialty.

The list of documents for admission to graduate school

* Application form for admission to the postgraduate course is adressed to the rector of the Diplomatic
Academy MFA KR named after K. Dikambaev
with the Appendix:
 personal list of personnel records;
 autobiography;
 Photo 3×4 – 3.
 educational documents (original diploma and copies with attachment);
 identity document (passport)
 extract from employment record
 list of published papers and research report. Persons who do not have published works, present
scientific reports on the chosen specialty.
 Passport and Diploma of Graduation is submitted to the applicant personally.

Post – graduate student’s citizens of foreign countries
All foreign nationals previously pass an exam on the state language (written and oral form).






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